English and Portuguese versions of PieraPlus will be available on Middle 2011.
if you would like to receive  more information please feel free to
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Some of PieraPlus features are:

- Full management of patient clinical history.(Sreenshot in Spanish).

- Tracking of bacteriologic controls .

- Hormonal tacking tool (Sreenshot in Spanish).

- Echographyc patient control. Include scans database (Screenshot in Spanish).

- Mangement of clinical trials like Biopsies, hysteroscopies, and so. (Screenshot in Spanish)..

- Tracking of complications related to ovaric overstimulation(Screenshot in spanish)

- Appointment planner.

- Diagnostics and clinical evaluations database.

- Tool for ovaric stimulation cycle. (Screenshot in spanish)

- Criopreservation, use and evolution control of oocytes and embryons. (Flash demo in spanish)

- Multimedia database to archive any kind of document like, photographs, videos, MS word or excel documents, PDF, etc.

- Automated reporting system .

- Data export available for further use in any other statistic software.

- Treatment cost management .

- Integrable corporate managment software throught ODBC, JDBC or XML.

- Mac OS X and PC compatible.

- Available network versión for one or multiple medical centers

- Technical consultancy available in order to customize PieraPlus to you real needs

PieraPlus es un producto de Konocer sistemas de información S.L.
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